For the travellers, By the locals – with Lokll

We have always believed that true travel is something that benefits all the stakeholders involved. Traditional Travel businesses have so far mostly focused on making travel easy for the travellers. Recent travel start-ups have also done a great job in easing travel pains for the travellers by offering tech-enabled services which help in researching, planning, booking and commuting. However, what remains to be focused upon is how the locals benefit from travel? This is where we come into the picture.

We are working on building a tech enabled platform to help locals benefit from mainstream travel. Think of it, who are the people who have the maximum destination specific expertise? Who are the people who know the most about the culture, nature, food, custom of a particular place? These people are the locals, the real destination experts. What if a traveller could get to feel, hear, see and taste a place in the most authentic way? We help the locals in crafting such experiences for the travel community. Travellers are slowly moving away from packaged holidays to real, experiential holidays. We are bringing on our platform, such real & authentic travel experiences crafted by the locals. When locals are made the real stakeholders of the travel industry and the travellers are provided real, soulful experiences in a destination, travel becomes truly democratic.

For the travellers, By the locals.

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