The Forgotten Others in Travel Ecosystem !!

Travel companies and start-ups have so far focused on making travel easy for travelers. While it is important to ease the problems of travelers, it is equally important to nurture the other half of the travel eco-system, the local stakeholders. These stakeholders include the local activity providers who all pitch in together to complete the travel experience of travelers. From tour operators to local guides, from adventure activity providers to local musicians, from small game parlors to trek organizers, its the local activity providers who make travels special by giving it memories. At Lokll we identified early on that this half of the travel eco-system needs as much attention as anything else if a healthy travel eco-system is to survive the onslaught of mass tourism. Our team delved deep into the problem and identified a few questions that these local activity providers grapple with everyday:

How can I take my business to newer heights?How can I focus more on what I know rather than having to micro-manage my business?How can I market my Local expertise and activities to a bigger and relevant customer base?How can I always be ahead of the competition in terms of pricing and offerings?How can I provide better experience to my customers so that they return?

We have built Lokll as an answer to all these questions.

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