Are you an Experiential Traveler?

“I’m a traveler. I travel to experience. I don’t travel to check items off my bucket list. I travel not just to finish my to-do list but to feel the place, soak its culture, befriend its people and create cherish-able moments which come together to form lifelong experiences.”

The words above speak the heart and mind of all experiential travelers, a growing breed of people who travel to absorb a place in its entirety. These travelers generally choose locally curated activities over pre-packaged travel options and do not mind a little surprise over predictability that is inherent in packages.

At Lokll, we are striving to bring all local flavours at one place for the experiential traveler to choose from. From Local adventure activities to local cultural trips, from activities curated by expert guides to naive yet lovely cooking & music sessions with the locals, we’ve got it all covered. Lokll’s local discovery platform enriches the in-destination travel experience of travelers by supplementing their travel with all possible activities and experiences that a place has to offer.

After all, it’s the local experiences that make your travel memorable. It’s these experiences that make you an Experiential Traveler.

Are you an Experiential Traveler? Be one with Lokll.

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