Make your travel more meaningful with Lokll

We live in a world where taking out time for travel is very difficult. Nevertheless when we do we should ensure it is worth it. Making your travel experience really worth it – requires you to not just follow the itinerary that your acquaintance suggested but truly experience the place. Each travel experience should be meaningful and should leave an indelible mark on your memory that enriches your life.

What is it that will make every travel that you undertake really worth it and more meaningful. Meaningful travel is about being aware of your footprint, and doing what you can to help the places that you visit. Going Local is missing piece of this jigsaw puzzle. Locals care about the footprints that every travel experience creates. The involvement of a local person also promises the authentic travel experience, cost effective services and time savings.  Who can know about the local flavours in terms of the nitty gritties of the location than a person living there for years. One gets to see the place from a different lens and local perspective.

Lokll is enabling travel to become more meaningful, more authentic , more participative and more efficient. It creates an tech enabled ecosystem which enables locals create and promote amazing local and authentic experiences that can be experienced by the global traveler community. When locals are made the real stakeholders of the travel industry and the travellers are provided real, soulful experiences in a destination, travel becomes truly democratic.

Behind Lokll is a team of Thinkers and Doers, people who believe in the power of travel to bring about real tangible change in the life of the locals and the travellers.

For the travellers, By the locals – from Lokll.

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