Enigmatic Narkanda

Enigmatic Narkanda
“Keep close to Nature’s heart… and break clear away, once in awhile, and climb a mountain or spend a week in the woods. Wash your spirit clean.” – John Muir
Well it’s time to spend a week in the woods for a mindful experience and Lokll brings Enigmatic Narkanda, your mountain retreat for summer 2017!
Narkanda is a beautiful hill station in Shimla district of Himachal Pradesh and is about 60 kms from Shimla city.
Its history dates back to the days of the Mahabharata and has a mythological significance. As the myth holds it, the Pandavas resided in the hills of this town during their exile and it’s that time of the year when you too spend some days here for a magical experience.
Far from the maddening crowd enjoy the wilderness in mountains at Narkanda. Trek to 3600 mts at Hatu Peak and experience 360 degree views of valley. Experience the sight of apple orchards blooming with bright red apples. Sit by the lake side and drift into the world of thoughts amidst beautiful setting of pine trees and grasslands.
Experience a holiday sojourn filled with tranquility and calmness. Enjoy the gifts of nature, trek, indulge in local sight seeing and immerse in Himalayan culture.
Here is a list of authentic hings to do in Narkanda :
Tani Jubbar lake
Wash away your “city fatigue” at Tani Jubbar lake,a beautiful man made lake amidst pine trees and blooming orchards. Sit by the lake side, enjoy the calmness of the place. The lake is 10 km from Narkanda and its around a 20 minutes drive.
Hatu peak
Hatu Peak is the highest point in Narkanda, it’s at an altitude of 1500 mts and gives exquisite view of the himalayas and the surrounding valley.
Hatu temple is a must go! Some temples may not be very famous but they carry great significance and are worth a visit for a sneak peak into the indian mythology, Hatu temple is one of them. It is here that draupadi meditated to breakway from the circle of life and death.
Stokes Farm
Narkanda is famously known as “The Gateway to Apple Country”. Thanedar, which is about 14 km from Narkanda, is known as the hub of apple cultivation and has a lot of apple orchards.
The Stokes Farm is one such popular apple orchard. Started in 1916 by Samuel ‘Satyanand’ Stokes – an American who, influenced by Indian philosophy, came to India in 1904 and started this farm. It is a must visit and if you lucky and kind enough the staff may give you freshly plucked apples!
Mahamaya Temple
“Meditation is like giving a hug to ourselves, getting in touch with that awesome reality in us. While meditating we feel a deep sense of intimacy with God, a love that is inexplicable.” ~Paramahansa Yogananda
Alluring words but how many of us give away those hugs to ourselves? Not many! Right?
Its time that you do and let the journey begin at the Mahamaya temple, perfect retreat for your heart and soul.Located at distance of 7km from Narkanda, the temple is dedicated to Goddess Kali. Set amidst lush green surroundings with a sense of calm and serenity, this temple provides the perfect ambience for meditation and introspection. Remember meditation brings wisdom and let your soul feel it. 🙂
The mountains are calling and let LOKLL be your guide to the #summerretreat2017 <3 O:)
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Amazing Nainital

Nainital, popularly known as the “lake district of India” is a charismatic hill station situated in Uttrakhand, India. The word Nainital means, “Naini” meaning “the eye” and “Tal” meaning “the Lake”. The natural beauty and the Naini Lake offers a restful experience and makes it a famous tourist destination. It is believed that the Naini Lake is one of the 64 shakti Peeths, or religious sites where parts of the charred body of Sati (Parvati) fell on earth while being carried by Lord Shiva. The spot where Sati’s eyes (or Nain) fell, came to be called Nain-tal or lake of the eye. The goddess Shakti is worshiped at the Naina Devi Temple, known by locals as Naini Mata Temple on the north shore of the present day lake.

Situated at an altitude of 2,084 metres (6,837 ft) in Kumaon hills with pear shaped lakes, magnificent views and blessed by the Gods themselves, Nainital is the perfect holiday retreat for you and your family this summer!

Lokll brings to you Unconventional Nainital, a getaway so beautiful, serene and peaceful and with amazing bouquet of activities worthy enough to travel all the way from cacophony and city blues! Experience the enchanting panorama of the “lake paradise” only with LOKLL!

Here is a look at what all you can do in Nainital!

Night camping in Nainital jungles

Recently, it must have been a great treat when Jungle Book was recreated and people got to watch it in larger than life format! The film was eagerly awaited not only by kids but grownups too! After all, who isn’t a Mowgli fan? 🙂

Well this time get that feel of how mowgli lived in the wilderness by camping in the jungles of Nainital, experience calm and tranquility while you live amid the nature and don’t you worry, as you are in the land of the Gods!

Give yourself and your children an experience of lifetime in the lap of Himalayas and their own jungle book moment!

Paragliding at Naukuchiatal

How to be a bird ?

Well, Nainital has the answer to this mysterious question!

Enjoy a guided joy-ride at Naukuchiatal, lake with nine corners. Let your fears go, unwind your wings and feel like a free bird. The adventure will begin with some simple instructions about flying a para-glider after which you will be seated in a harness with an expert pilot and there you are flying like a bird, with your feet in air and hair flowing with the wind!

Hike from Pangot to China Peak

Go for a guided day hike through Kilbury jungles of Nainital to China Peak.

Start your hike from Kilbury which is an enchanting place lined by lush oak, pine and rhododendron forests and reach to China Peak which is the highest hill top in Nainital. China peak offers a spectacular bird eye view of the town and the vast expanses of the Kumaon region. Its a bliss for people who simply want to lie in mother nature’s lap and watch the clouds float by.

Candle factory tour

The all time famous souvenir of Nainital – Candles!

Whenever a relative was visiting Nainital, the gift had to be a beautifully embellished candle but none of us ever heard about the experience of candle making, the story behind those dazzling glittery candles!

Well, this time get it into your itinerary and see wax taking shape of lovely sparkling candles! 

Visit the oldest candle factory in Nainital city and discover the candle making process. Get into a conversation with the factory owners who would love to share their history and experience with you and purchase the best of Nainital candles at discounted prices too

Live Guitar session

What better than being in realms of nature and soothing guitar playing in the back ground!

Enjoy live music session with the famous Creation band of Nainital. The guitarist will play out live music to you as he strums his guitar strings playing different kind of soulful music. Music with a view of the Nainital lake will definitely strike a chord with your soul and make you dance to the rhythm, an experience which will touch your heart and soul.

And hey! You can plan out that special moment for your loved one and make a memory for your lifetime! 

So pack your bags and give the perfect summer holiday to your family!

Cheerio #summer2017!

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“Atithi Devo Bhavah”, a value laden verse which means “the guest is God” prescribes a dynamic of the host-guest relationship. It has also become the tag line of India’s Ministry of Tourism’s campaign to improve the treatment of tourists in India and there is nothing better than home stay to describe the verse.

Indians consider it a huge honor to have guests in their home, and go out of their way to please them and this is the whole idea behind home stays. Home stay concept has been gearing up in India and LOKLL brings you exciting options at alluring places.

Home stay is a popular form of hospitality and lodging whereby visitors stay in a house or apartment of a local of the city to which they are travelling. The concept has been gearing up in India and not only foreigners but many local tourists also prefer staying in the comfort of home stays. It has enabled the tourists to learn about people and their culture in a more efficient way and enriching their experience like never before.

So, what makes it so attractive?

This is far better than staying at a hotel as it has it’s own bundle of joy! Home stay opens the door to alluring experiences and opportunities to feel the place in all together a different and exciting way. This way the tourists get to interact and mingle with the locals, learn about their culture, listen to amazing stories, things that a hotel can’t afford to provide you.

There is nothing better than a place with homely comfort and personal care. A place where you can do that little chit chat with no formality, play around with the kids, learn that mouth watering local dish from the lovely auntie, explore uncle’s diversified bar and not to forget the amazing mysterious stories from the grandpa in the house.

Home stay concept not only ensures a humble experience for you but also for the host as locals are directly benefited from your stay and hence they make sure to provide you with a memorable experience.

A stay at a luxurious hotel can never surpass that lovely cottage on the hilltop with a home like comfort where you can actually feel the air, food, water and people in their most authentic form.

Bearing all this is in mind, LOKLL has come up with exciting deals for your summer retreat in the Himalayas.

So pack your bags and let LOKLL serve you with a memorable experience in the lap of mother nature and experience the inexperienced.

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Responsible Travel

Do you love to travel!?

Always eager to explore those natural paradise around ?

If yes, then voila! You are at the right place and one of those enlightened souls who believe to add some wonderful experience to the journey called life!

But wait! Don’t you think it is equally important to create a pleasing experience for the “loklls”!

It would be great if you leave the place in the best form to create a better experience for the people like you! Right!?

So mate it’s no harm in being a responsible traveller and that is what lokll believes in.

But what is responsible tourism and who is a responsible traveller?

Google baba says: Responsible tourism is any form of tourism that can be consumed in a more responsible way. “Responsible tourism is tourism which: minimizes negative social, economic and environmental impacts, generates greater economic benefits for local people and enhances the well-being of host communities.”

And yes you got it right! Responsible traveller is one who believes in this concept and follows it!

Here is a quick checklist for a sound tripper J

  • Do not pollute the place you are packing your souls for.
  • Take your pet bottle and prefer to refill it instead of taking a new one every time.
  • Do not throw trash around.
  • Respect local culture by modifying your behaviour in terms of dress, eating, drinking, photos, religion, after all they are the ones who can really enrich your experience.
  • Turn off air-conditioning and lights when you leave your hotel room.
  • Don’t buy souvenirs produced from endangered species: shells, feathers, animal skins.

Follow these and take the responsibility to be mindful of the impact you leave behind.

Lokll supports your spirit!

Bon voyage!



Local discovery on a motorbike

Seeing those biking groups pass the NH48 has always fascinated me! I always wonder how amazing would it be to stroll on a bike! I feel it’s the most authentic way to travel!

But woefully we always have time crunch due to the hectic schedule that we are threaded into. And alas, travel is always a hush-hush affair, so much so that the very purpose of travel is lost.

Coming back to the fascination behind bikers, I managed to talk to one through a friend!

So, I met this lovely and adventurous lady was curious to know the impulse behind travelling to places on a bike despite such a hectic schedule.

Well, she feels the very purpose of travelling is lost when one travels just for the sake of travelling. She adds on further “travel is not just about feeling the place but the path too and the essence of exploring a place gets better when a person goes deep, mingles with the local people and understands the roots of the place and that is when you are near to the very purpose of your travel!

She believes that biking has changed her as a person. “We travel long distance on our bikes, it becomes tiring sometimes but the pleasure that it gives, takes away all the pain.”

Intrigued by her statement that she has changed as a person, I asked her to elaborate on it.

With a clear look of ecstasy on her face, she said “Our halts are untouched villages where we get to interact with people and know about them and their culture. It is amazing to see them open up about their problems and happiness and often you realise that there are indeed bigger issues in this world and also bigger and better reasons to look forward to each day as a blessing. We have become part of weddings and other functions, people show you such amazing warmth and you end up making memories and relationships for life!”

“When you travel like this, it becomes a completely different experience which stays and inspires you. I suggest people to go for a local discovery on a bike.”

Everything this lovely lady believes in, makes me remind of a beautiful quote by Miriam Beard “Certainly, travel is more than the seeing of sights; it is a change that goes on, deep and permanent, in the ideas of living.”

It feels as if the bikers surmise every single word quoted by Miriam.

No wonder it is a bit onerous to take some timeout to traverse like this, but it is certainly worth it. After all, who doesn’t want to add a little spark to their lives, learn and hear new people and unwind the problems, even if it’s for awhile.

So, do take some time out and plan an extravagant bike ride, who knows what’s awaiting you!



Why should we travel!

Why should one travel?

Why should one put effort in planning an itinerary, packing a bag and leave for a new place?

Well I believe travelling gives you a sense of love, not just about the new place you are headed for but about your inner self too.

Travelling gives you a break from the ruthless routine of the city, the hectic 9-5 schedule we are threaded into and the hustle bustle that surrounds us.

As quoted by Jalaluddin Rumi  – “Travel brings power and love back into your life.

Travelling is truly food for soul. It is like the strategic time out in a T20 match which gives you time to re plan and regroup for a better performance. It’s in fact like the scheduled ploughing that a gardener at your home comes and do every fifteen days or so to help your plants breathe better and grow.

Travelling helps you breathe deeper and takes you closer to yourself and that is why one should travel.

So how should one travel?

There is a famous saying “He who would travel happily must travel light.”

So, never travel for the sake of it. Travel with a free heart and a free mind so that they can feel themselves.

Here is a quick to do list to bring the best out of your trip:

  • If you are the planner types, kindly plan the trip in advance to prevent yourself from annoyance, after all that is what you are travelling away from.
  • If you are the instantaneous types, then voila, no worries!
  • Please finish all the pending work for your non compos mentis boss 😉
  • Give more time to introspect rather than snapchat and instagram.
  • Feel the nature, the wind, the place and your soul.
  • Go off the beat and travel deep into a place to know it in a better way.
  • Hit a conversation with the local people.
  • Observe your surroundings.
  • Carry your music

Follow the above in order to feel the essence of beautiful words by Daranna Gidel – “You lose sight of things… and when you travel, everything balances out.

Bon voyage!



Do it Yourself model for your Travels

Let’s admit it, Travel packages are boring. While the predictability that pre-packaged holidays offer may entice a few, the very basic elements of exploration and discovery that makes travel interesting, are mostly missing.

At Lokll, we believe that the real value of traveling lies in exploring the unexplored and discovering newer experiences. Don’t get us wrong, we hold nothing against Packages, they offer convenient predictability. But a true traveller is not very concerned if his/her experience is predictable or not, they are not here for basking in the mellow cocoon of predictable comfort. These are the people looking for real and meaningful travel experiences. Real, experiential travel is for everyone: A city dweller looking to catch a bit of breath in the mountains and wanting to connect back to his true inner self, or a high flying corporate looking to network, in this case, with people outside his network, without any strings attached or a family which wants to strengthen the family bond on a trip to a remote Himalayan village and living the simplistic village family life. When you embark on such experiential journeys and you leave your inhibitions behind, when you are open to experience the unknown and when unpredictability is ok, the world unfolds itself in form of beautiful local experiences, one experience at a time. You realise that this world of self discovery is so much better than a packaged experience designed by someone else for you.

Lokll brings you this world of small yet beautiful local experiences in the form of hundreds of local activities to choose from, in multiple locations within the major tourism centres in India. Lokll is working on a DO-IT-YOURSELF model in the travel sector where the discerning traveler is able to craft that ”just-right” local travel experience for himself. With hundreds of verified local activity providers onboard Lokll’s cutting edge tech platform, there’s peace of mind that it is going to be a genuine and authentic local experience. Is there is a unique activity or a really beautiful local experience that you have heard of? Chances are that you would find it with Lokll. When you travel with Lokll, you are in for such a world of infinite possibilities and life fulfilling experiences that you would want to skip your next packaged travel plan and go really Lokll.

Lokll – Making travel really local.

Lokll is redefining the way travel is done by empowering the locals to share their local expertise with the global traveler and benefit from this truly democratic travel eco-system.

For the travellers, By the locals – with Lokll

We have always believed that true travel is something that benefits all the stakeholders involved. Traditional Travel businesses have so far mostly focused on making travel easy for the travellers. Recent travel start-ups have also done a great job in easing travel pains for the travellers by offering tech-enabled services which help in researching, planning, booking and commuting. However, what remains to be focused upon is how the locals benefit from travel? This is where we come into the picture.

We are working on building a tech enabled platform to help locals benefit from mainstream travel. Think of it, who are the people who have the maximum destination specific expertise? Who are the people who know the most about the culture, nature, food, custom of a particular place? These people are the locals, the real destination experts. What if a traveller could get to feel, hear, see and taste a place in the most authentic way? We help the locals in crafting such experiences for the travel community. Travellers are slowly moving away from packaged holidays to real, experiential holidays. We are bringing on our platform, such real & authentic travel experiences crafted by the locals. When locals are made the real stakeholders of the travel industry and the travellers are provided real, soulful experiences in a destination, travel becomes truly democratic.

For the travellers, By the locals.

The Forgotten Others in Travel Ecosystem !!

Travel companies and start-ups have so far focused on making travel easy for travelers. While it is important to ease the problems of travelers, it is equally important to nurture the other half of the travel eco-system, the local stakeholders. These stakeholders include the local activity providers who all pitch in together to complete the travel experience of travelers. From tour operators to local guides, from adventure activity providers to local musicians, from small game parlors to trek organizers, its the local activity providers who make travels special by giving it memories. At Lokll we identified early on that this half of the travel eco-system needs as much attention as anything else if a healthy travel eco-system is to survive the onslaught of mass tourism. Our team delved deep into the problem and identified a few questions that these local activity providers grapple with everyday:

How can I take my business to newer heights?How can I focus more on what I know rather than having to micro-manage my business?How can I market my Local expertise and activities to a bigger and relevant customer base?How can I always be ahead of the competition in terms of pricing and offerings?How can I provide better experience to my customers so that they return?

We have built Lokll as an answer to all these questions.

Are you an Experiential Traveler?

“I’m a traveler. I travel to experience. I don’t travel to check items off my bucket list. I travel not just to finish my to-do list but to feel the place, soak its culture, befriend its people and create cherish-able moments which come together to form lifelong experiences.”

The words above speak the heart and mind of all experiential travelers, a growing breed of people who travel to absorb a place in its entirety. These travelers generally choose locally curated activities over pre-packaged travel options and do not mind a little surprise over predictability that is inherent in packages.

At Lokll, we are striving to bring all local flavours at one place for the experiential traveler to choose from. From Local adventure activities to local cultural trips, from activities curated by expert guides to naive yet lovely cooking & music sessions with the locals, we’ve got it all covered. Lokll’s local discovery platform enriches the in-destination travel experience of travelers by supplementing their travel with all possible activities and experiences that a place has to offer.

After all, it’s the local experiences that make your travel memorable. It’s these experiences that make you an Experiential Traveler.

Are you an Experiential Traveler? Be one with Lokll.